Starting your business and staying in compliance

Give your startup a legal structure. Transform the way your business is seen through the eyes of the law, potential customers, vendors and employees.

Business Formation

Start your business with confidence.  Save up to 50% with our outsourced model

Personal Asset Protection

Business owners and protect their personal assets in case of a lawsuit. The liability is limited only to the extent of your investment in the entity

S Corp or LLC? Delaware?

You are taking the first step towards your startup. Should you be going for an S Corp or LLC? Delaware Vs your own State? We will guide you through the steps involved.  

Incorporating while on H1B

Yes, you can incorporate while on H1B. However you cannot work for the company. You can consult with us on the options that will best work for your situation.

Tax Flexibility and Benefits

There are several tax benefits associated to Incorporating your business. Building a brand is critical for your potential customers to associate your business with. Potential customers would prefer to do business with an Corporation.

Compliance Filings

Operate your business with confidence.  Save up to 50% with our outsourced model

Business Tax Return Filing

Included in our solution for you is the tax return filings with the IRS and the multiple States. Be aware of the requirement to file state returns in all states where you had payroll or revenues generated. Avoid the penalties associated with the non-compliance.

Payroll Filings

Whether you have one employee or ten, its important to stay on top of your legal and regulatory responsibilities as an employer and also save you time and help protect you from incurring costly IRS penalties.

Sales Tax Filings

Do you have sales tax Nexus? Multiple factors need to considered on the sales tax requirements with the recent changes. We can help you to stay in compliance. 

Annual Filings

Annual report and franchise tax return filings are required o keep your business in good standing. Due dates for a company's annual report and franchise tax vary by state. File them and stay compliant.

Virtual CFO Services

Growing business needs professional financial advice, but cant afford full-time CFO.  Our virtual CFO Services is a perfect fit. Save  50% or more.

Financial Strategy/Systems

Most financial roles in your organization involve maintaining past and present financial records. Virtual CFO is focused on short and long term strategy. It requires strategic understanding of your company's current and future capabilities and growth goals and design a roadmap.

Cost Cuts/Forecasting

Strategic cost cuts that is sustainable and drive company goals while improving your bottom line.  Prepare budgets and compare the actuals and ensuring they are in sync with our long term forecasting. 


Define KPIs based on overall company goals. Communicate the KPIs to our stake  holders. Measure the performance by preparing and reviewing the KPIs on an ongoing basis. Draw insights and communicate to the stake holders. An important driver which is overlooked. 

Business Strategy/Reporting  

Financial scenario planning is critical to today's market and the rapid changes. Tailoring scenarios to specific challenges, identifying and monitoring early indicators of such changes and re-forecasting as needed.